Sexy Cock Convict DVD (16781D) Bekijk groter
Sexy Cock Convict DVD (16781D)
  • Sexy Cock Convict DVD (16781D)
  • Sexy Cock Convict DVD (16781D)

Sexy Cock Convict DVD


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Officer Keys caught Max Woods jerking his cock in public, and takes the pervert back to the precinct. Disgusted by Max's protests, Sebastian leaps over his desk and manhandles Max. He promises to edge Max so much that he'll never dream of jerking off in public again. Officer Keys takes Max to the holding cells and fashions a cockring out handcuffs, pulling Max's rod through a hole in the metal cage. Knowing that criminal rehabilitation is a long process, Keys throws Max into a interrogation room and bolts him to a table, leaving his legs spread open for a vibrating dildo.

Speelduur: 99 min.
Acteurs: Max Woods, Sebastian Keys
Studio: Men On Edge

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